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The Mining Journal of Kazakhstan, the founder of which is the Scientific-Production Enterprise «Interrin» LLP, has been published since January 2003, and has already won the sympathy of specialists. Currently, the Journal has a large number of subscribers in the Kazakhstan industrial zones, including educational institutions. The Journal is also distributed in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The Mining Journal of Kazakhstan has become the top-rated edition and highly-demanded by the country engineering community; is distributed by subscription and is received by the majority of mining – metallurgical enterprises, which enables them to keep track of latest releases used at related enterprises.

The Journal circulation is 1,500 copies, publication frequency is 12 issues per year, and type page number is from 64 to 72 pages. The building is published in Russian with publication of materials in Russian, Kazakh and English. The leading experts in blasting operations and mining business in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan were included in the management of the magazine and the editorial board.

The articles published on the Journal pages, including those sent for publication from abroad and devoted to the innovative mining development, were highly appreciated and contributed to the broaden knowledge and expansion of the information field of raw materials industry employees. The authors of Journal articles are competent specialists, and we are sure that their views on topical issues will be useful for even more successful work of your enterprise. Our Journal can provide you with useful information about scientific and technical achievements and, most importantly, about their practical application in mining business.

The founder of the publication is LLP «Scientific and Production Enterprise «Interrin» – a large enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of blasting.

Legal and actual address:

Karasai batyr st., 146, 050026,

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

tel.: +7 (727) 339-91-69

E-mail: interrin@yandex.ru

Journal Sections

Mining Operations Automation and Robotization. Well Drilling. Explosives. Geodesy. Geoinformatics. Geomechanics. Geotechnology. Geophysics. Geoecology. Geoeconomics. Hydrogeology. Mining Law. Mining machines. Foreign Experience. Enterprise History. Product Quality. Excavation Support. Mine Surveying. Metallurgy. Mineral Resources. Lawyer’s Opinion. New Mining Editions. New Mining developments. Minerals Beneficiation. Open-Pit Mining. Mine Health and Safety. Memorable Dates. Minerals Processing. Staff Training. Mining Enterprise Design. Building Materials Manufacture. Mining and Industrial Complex Development. Rock Destruction. Mining Geology. Mine Transport. History Pages. Mine and Underground Construction. Mining Operation Economics. Anniversaries.

Chief Editor: M.Zh. Bitimbayev (Hirsch index 1)

Deputy Chief Editor: L.A. Krupnik (Hirsch index 3)

Deputy Chief Editor: Kh.A. Yusupov (Hirsch index 2)

Executive Editor: T.S. Dolina

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